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Gerry C. Starnes, M.Ed. is a best-selling author of the award-winning book, Spirit Paths: The Quest for Authenticity. He lives in Austin, Texas.

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Druid Twilight:
The Loom Of Destiny

Epic Edition

Originally written as two books, the Epic Edition is an omnibus publication with additional content, including the author's historical notes and location references.

In the 1st century, Britain was in the throes of an on-going invasion by Emperial Rome begun by Claudius forty years earlier. The Roman invaders were set to destroy the whole druid culture because they recognized it as a hindrance to their exertion of power over the British territories.

Two Orders—the male Druid Order and the female Semiosis Order—have been restricted from ever working together, for reasons lost to memory. Yet, in the face of impending disaster, they must decide how to pass on their legacy, knowing that the world as they have known it has come to an end. They grow with the challenges they meet and become the makers of their own history and future.

Two young Britons, Caedwyn of the Druid Order, and Brianna, a Semnotheoi, have been entangled in the struggle between the Orders since childhood. Drawn together by an undeniable force, they must navigate the political landscape between their Orders, as well as the Romans. Yet, they are separated and become apprentices to the great teachers of their lineages. In the end, the powers they learn and the strength of their wills are pitted against the most powerful armies known on earth.

Historically accurate, Druid Twilight guides the reader through a pivotal and tumultuous time for the people and history of Britain, and indeed, for the world.

A love story at heart, Druid Twilight is a tale of the clash of enormous powers, of betrayal, retribution, and rebirth.

Reader Reviews:
"I started reading—and couldn't stop until I had read the entire story within four days. Druid Twilight is fiction, of course. But the characters are so true in their learnings, development, problems and decisions that they seem universal. The story is well settled in the history of Britain in the first decades of the current era.
     "At the same time, the shamanic practices that they learn and use, as described sensitively by the author, are common to shamans all over the world, even as they are rooted in the specific history of their cultures.
     "And, there is something else I liked about the book: Fiction about historical epochs that have left us little archeological or other evidence often tend to be highly ideological and overbearing, or, romantic and glamorizing. I never had this impression while reading this book. I would say this is due to the almost tender description of the characters and their unfolding. It reflects the humanism of the author.
     "The threads of the story are finely woven, you'd expect this from a best seller author. I am very much looking forward to the next book! I recommend this book to all those who love a great fantasy saga, but also to those interested in shamanism, witchcraft and druidism."

"A great love story, an allegory of our present times, told at a pivotal time of re-awakening ancient powers. I hope the saga will continue."

"It's a tragedy that most of our Druid knowledge has been filtered through the Romans. This book allows us to see how things may have looked from a Druid's perspective. (A refreshing version to what has been told before.) My curiosity is piqued and I'm eager to work my way through the saga. Oh, and did I mention there's a beautiful love story...?"

"I couldn't put it down!! Love, War, Magical story great read for the summer?? I'm getting the next one ASAP !!!!"

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